EQUAL - Forum for Social Cohesion | 2001

Duration: 3 years
Partners: ELYROS S.A.Athens News AgencyΑιθιοπική Κοινότητα της Ελλάδος,ΑΚΜΩΝ Α.Ε.Αλβανική Κοινότητα ΑθήναςMunicipality of Athens Development Agency S.A.Medecins Sans FrontieresΕλληνική Επιτροπή Συνεργασίας με τη UNICEFHellenic Network for Corporate Social ResponsibilityWorkers Union of Bangladeshi Immigrants in GreeceΕργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο ΑθήναςERGON K.E.KThe Social Work FoundationKE.ME.TE. - Centre for Educational Research and Documentacion of OLMERacing and Cultural Solidarity CenterCenter for Employment and Entrepreneurship of Municipality of AthensΚέντρο Υποστήριξης Πληροφόρησης Ευπαθών Κοινωνικών Ομάδων Δήμου Αχαρνών,OEKIDE - Employees' Federation of Textiles, Linen, Leather GreeceSOS Children's VillagesUniversity of Athens - Faculty of Communication and Mass Media StudiesAssociation of Albanian ImmigrantsTECMOR S.A.National Youth Foundation

EQUAL - Forum for Social Cohesion

The Equal Project Forum for Social Cohesion aims at combating racism and xenophobia while at the same time laying the ground for the balanced growth of a multicultural society in Greece. The project's top priorities are :

a) the integration of migrants and refugees into Greek society and the labour market,
b) the sensitization to migrants' problems of Greek employers, opinion - makers and the public at large
c) the rejection of racist stereotypes.